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About Us

The Home Office found that up to 6% of 10-19 year olds belonged to a gang in England and Wales. The police estimate there are 3,495 gang members in London alone. Statistics from the London Ambulance Service revealed that in 2013 paramedics were called to help 973 victims under the age of 25 suffering from a gun or knife wound. Most of the injuries – 850 were caused by knives, with 123 young people being shot. In 2015 the number of fatal stabbings in the capital reached the highest level in seven years.

The E-gangs project was developed in 2012 as a branch of Teen Challenge London. We are a faith-based organisation and apply biblical principles in our work. Although we are faith-based, we are in no way faith biased and work with any person that requests, wants or needs our help.

We are committed to helping young people involved in gangs and gang related activities to exit gang life and reach their full potential in life.

Based on the Spergel model our aims are:




We provide programmes and services to gang youth and those at high risk of gang involvement by using outreach workers to actively engage gang-involved youth. Each worker is suitably trained and can also draw on their own personal experiences of gang involvement.

We recognise that for some individuals getting out of a gang can be extremely dangerous. That danger may extend to their children, their brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, cousins, girlfriend/ boyfriend or family.

We provide an outstanding violence and drug prevention programme with high standards of delivery and effectiveness. Each youth undergoes a detailed assessment to determine their needs and develop an individualised, tailored care/service plan. Each plan identifies the specific risks and needs of the youth, a listing of family and community supports and resources that will be accessed. Each case management is person centred and each individual has their own mentor during the 16 week programme.