Paul Dayes is the founder and director. In 2012, Paul started an organisation in partnership with Teen Challenge London called E-gangs Project. At the age of 14, he was living on the streets, by aged 17 he was involved in gangs; aged 21 he was a drugs dealer selling drugs on a large scale and aged 25 he was carrying out armed robberies.

By the age of 30, Paul had joined a Turkish gang and was importing and selling drugs. After 17 years of being involved in drugs, it was inevitable that he would also be using them – at the age of 40 Paul was committing whatever crime necessary to feed his drug addiction. Whilst in prison, doing 4½ years for robbery – aged 47, Paul picked up a bible and began reading.

After 27 years of a life of crime, he became a Christian and since then he has been committed to supporting and advocating for people who used to be where he was. He has a passion for this type of work because of his own past and his desire to try and help young people from making the same mistakes that he did.