Paul – Founder and Director

At the age of 14 Paul found himself living on the streets of Birmingham. He quickly got involved with Turkish gangs and began importing and selling drugs on a large scale, as well as carrying out armed robberies in and around his area. Due to his lifestyle, Paul became a drug addicted and found himself in Prison for robbery. Whilst in Prison, Paul picked up a Bible and began reading it. He then became a Christian.

Now Paul is the founder and director of E-gangs, he is committed to supporting and advocating for young people through: one to one sessions, mentoring, liaising with families, community project and community services, guiding young people into education, training and employment. Paul recognises that for some individuals, getting out of this lifestyle can be extremely dangerous. His long term vision is to provide a safe place and a refuge for ex-gang members to be educated and start a new life. “Paul is a man of his word who is committed to the cause with a quality of excellence.” Paul’s motto is: Love never fails. He works towards understanding young people and believes in them.

Michaela – Case Worker

Michaela has a degree in Psychology and has worked with children and young people from the ages of 5-18 for over six years in various settings and environments. She has a particular passion for working with vulnerable young people, youth offenders and those with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Whilst volunteering at Newham YOS she met Paul (E-gangs) who was delivering a talk to young people. Following this she started volunteering for E-gangs. Michaela now currently works for E-gangs as a Detached Worker in Waltham Forest and Newham engaging with youth on the street to giving them advice, support, mentoring and steer them in the right direction.

David – Administrator and Co-ordinator

At the age of 18 David found his life spiralling out of control through drug abuse. It had become a way of life for him. Eventually, he lost all self-respect, his flat, his job, his finances and more.

He entered the Teen Challenge rehabilitation programme where, on completion, he developed a passion to work with children in other parts of the world. He was a volunteer at an orphanage in Swaziland South Africa where he developed a variety of new skills. In 2012, David found himself on a flight to Indonesia not realising that this would be his home for the next six years. There, he was a much-valued support worker in an orphanage. He became fluent in the Indonesian language. He also worked as a youth pastor and language teacher becoming a Level 5 qualified teacher of English as a Second Language and, co-managing a language centre. In March 2018, David returned to the UK. He came to London, to complete a qualification for teaching adults, however, within ten days he realised that London was to be his next home.

He is now E-Gangs Administrator and Organisation Co-ordinator where he runs a very tight ship, supporting and encouraging other staff members.

Daniel – Case Worker

Daniel was born in South London and comes from a loving supportive family. From a young age Daniel would play up at school and would associate with older boys, all of whom smoked cannabis and were considered to be ‘cool’. By the age of 11, Daniel himself started smoking cannabis and experimenting with recreational drugs. This then led Daniel into cultivating and drug dealing. This became Daniel’s way of earning money. Because of his lifestyle, Daniel found himself addicted to crack cocaine and heroin; he was funding this through crimes such as theft, fraud, deception and dealing. For 23yrs he was in and out of prison more than 40 times and has spent over 8 years of his life behind bars.

At the age of 39 Daniel contacted E-gangs. At this point in his life he had reached an all-time low and had given up on life. E-gangs reached out to Daniel and directed him into Teen Challenge’s residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Whilst there Daniel became a Christian and made a commitment to helping others via his own personal experiences. Daniel’s life has now totally changed; he has achieved a level 3 Award in Education and Training and he is now using his past experiences to help transform the lives of young people pointing them in a different direction. He now works for E-gangs as a case worker and mentor.

Pauline – Professional Development Trainer

Pauline has spent the past twenty-three years working in adult education. She is an experienced educator as well as assessor and has a vast amount of experience in working with offenders.

For seventeen years, Pauline worked in the prison service writing and delivering courses to help prisoners reach their full potential on release from jail.

Five years ago, Pauline established a teaching and training centre that runs courses accredited by City and Guilds. This centre in East London helps people turn their lives around from life controlling addictions and its related criminal behaviour.

Since the centre opened, almost 230 certificates have been given out, some of which have taken their recipients to higher levels of qualification. One man has recently received a first class honours in law while another is now a fully qualified chef.

Pauline joined the E-gangs team to offer professional development training to staff in care homes, writing and co-delivering gang awareness sessions. She is also involved in delivering skills for life courses for troubled youth in East London.