E-gangs offers a tailored mentoring programme: to provide practical guidance and support away from criminal activity; develop a positive outlook, changing attitudes and beliefs away from violence and crime.

“I was shocked for the first time ever someone had asked me: what do you want to do and how can we help you as opposed to, this is what we do and how do you fit into our organisation. With E-gangs as long as you actually want to change, they’ll show you love and support in anyway, so you can actually succeed in what you need to. That is what got me to take part.
Ex-gang member, served seven years for a possession of a firearm


To act as a resource and a point of contact for young people to provide information, advice and guidance on education, training and employment. 60 % of our clients gained and sustained employment.


One of the key to our mentoring success is supporting the family through the individual’s transition and if they do not have a family we become their family.

“Paul a man of his word who is committed to the cause, with a quality of excellence.”
A young person’s mother


Following the 16-week programme, we engage with the individual as the need requires. We recognise the need is often complex and requires ongoing support to see lasting results. We acknowledge, as highlighted by “meaningful mentoring”(2014) that for a mentoring intervention to be successful it needs to continue for at least a year.
Transition takes time and needs to go at the individual’s pace. Therefore, E-gangs’ support is on-going for as long as the individual needs/wants support. It is not uncommon for the client to receive less ongoing after-care for over a year.