Ali’s Story

“A tent was the only option left for Ali after going from sofa to sofa following his time served in prison. Sofa surfing took its toll. He was no longer able to stay with friends. He ended up sleeping in a tent in someone’s back garden. He wanted to work, but finding it hard to be motivated with no secure roof or presentable hygiene to turn up to work, sent him down a very low spiral. He gave E-gangs a miss call. E-gangs called him was able to meet up with him. We supported his general mental health as he was wrestling with suicidal thoughts, provided him with the finances to

get new clothes for an interview and accompanied him to a job fair where he was able to get a job on the spot. E-gangs was not able to get him directly into housing, but we were able to walk alongside him and give him tools to get a job to be able to move towards getting a roof over his head.”